Waiting on the World to Change

"That's it! I'm just going to do it!"

I was baking under the searing summer sun on the shore of Mooloolaba Beach, internally compiling a pros-and-cons list. I'd been juggling Law School, a bunch of volunteering roles and pro-bono consulting gigs. But the spark of enterprise had ignited something in me.

So that was it. I decided to make the jump - to create a social start-up whose purpose was to reinvent itself. To become an empty canvas for change-makers to make their mark. This start-up process has taken me across the globe, landing me in front of world leaders, young entrepreneurs, and cultural icons.

Some of those people remain part of the #WorldChangers Global network today!

We've been hard at work establishing ourselves and doing what we love. With 2020 only weeks away, we've decided to step it up. We're expanding our public presence and throwing ourselves "all-in" and, and we're inviting YOU to join us.

So, the countdown is on! We're excited to do this journey with you, as we empower pioneers to #ChangeTheWorld!